Book Selection

How is the OBOC book selected?

Each year between committee members’ suggestions and input from the public, a longlist of 75 to 100 titles is created. The committee, which is comprised of librarians, book sellers, and book lovers in general, narrows the list down dramatically to just 5 or 6 finalists (which are kept top secret!).

The committee members must read each of the books on the shortlist, then cast their vote and defend their favourite title. Majority rules in the selection of the OBOC title.

Each nominated book must fit the following criteria:

  • written by a living Canadian author with, if possible, a body of work
  • a well-written, award-winning story
  • must appeal to the broadest possible audience: men and women, late teens to seniors
  • needs to encourage the exchange of ideas, including community building and program potential
  • have some element of the “WOW!” factor
  • must be in print and available in paperback to make it affordable and accessible for all

Do you have a question or comment for the OBOC committee? Contact Co-Chair, Meghan Casey at


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