Discussion Questions

1. How did you experience the book? How long did it take you to become really engaged in the story?

2. What are the different story lines and how to they feed into each other? What are the connections?

3. The author uses shifting viewpoints throughout the book. Why might the author have chosen to tell the story the way he did – and what difference does it make in the way you read it or understand it?

4. While the book focuses on various characters from chapter to chapter, David is the only character whose story is told from first person perspective. Why do you think the author made this choice? What’s so special about David?

5. We are introduced to several families in this book. What are the dynamics of each family? How do they differ? Do these families remind you of people you know?

6. What main ideas or themes does the author explore? How does the title, Broken Promise, tie into the themes of the book?

7. Were you surprised by any of the plot twists? What parts of the plot did you anticipate?

8. What did you think of Agnes Pickens and how she treated her daughter, Marla? Were her actions justified? About her suicide, David says, “I couldn’t decide whether there was courage in what she did, or colossal cowardice.” What do you think?

9. Broken Promise is the first book in a trilogy, so the story extends past the end of the book. Do you think the ending is satisfying enough for this book to be read on its own? Why or why not?

10. If you’ve read other books by Linwood Barclay, how does Broken Promise compare? If this is your first book by this author, does this book inspire you to read others?

Click here for a printer-friendly PDF of the Discussion Questions.


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